Why Dry Brushing Is Great For Tired Mom Skin

Why Drush Brushing Is Great For Tired Mom Skin

Being a busy mom makes you so, so tired that you hardly have time to pamper yourself! That’s why I love easy do-able options to help keep my skin healthy and glowing. One of my favorite regiments is dry brushing, plus it’s super easy for a busy mom to instill into her life.

In case you haven’t heard, dry brushing is the act of using a natural, dry bristled brush in circular motions on your skin. It is best to do daily, before your shower, or even a few times a week, to gain maximum benefit. Dry brushing has caused my skin to become softer and smoother, and also has many other wonderful benefits.

How To Dry Brush The Easy Way

It takes me less than 10 minutes, so it’s not a long-winded beauty regiment to incorporate if you’re busy. All you need to do is:

  • Dry brush your whole body using a gentle brush with soft pressure.

  • Start at the bottoms of your feet, and move up your legs in long strokes.

  • Brush the same spot a few times, and brush towards your heart to assist in lymphatic drainage.

  • Do the same with your arms, starting at your palms and brushing up your arm toward your heart.

  • Then brush your front and back in circular clockwise movements.

  • Lastly, using a gentler brush, you can exfoliate your face with a more delicate brush.

    Sometimes, I skip the whole body process and brush only certain areas, like legs, arms, and face - depending on time and need.

Important Points About Dry Brushing

Be careful of brushing too hard as it will make your skin red and cause it to sting. Instead, use soft, smooth strokes so your skin is only slightly pink after brushing. Next, you can shower and apply a natural, calming lotion to soothe your skin.

If you have sensitive skin or any skin conditions, I don’t recommend dry brushing at all. Instead, try a herbal bath which is a much gentler option. At first, your skin will be more sensitive to dry brushing, so begin with a softer bristled brush. Later, when you get used to dry brushing, you can use a firmer bristled brush.

You should replace your brush when the bristles wear out as it won’t be very effective if it’s dull. Also, give your brush a good wash every now and then to keep it hygienic - I simply put mine in the washing machine on the shortest handwash cycle, and air dry it on my bathtub ledge. Alternatively, you can soak your brush in a solution of your choosing and air dry it.

Other Benefits of Dry Brushing

1. It helps your body detoxify by stimulating your body’s lymph flow to detoxify itself naturally.

2. It exfoliates your skin by loosening and removing dead skin cells as it naturally exfoliates.

3. It cleans your pores by clearing oil and dirt from it and may even minimize your pores!

4. It may reduce cellulite as it is exfoliating, causes lymph drainage, and stimulates the skin.

5. It helps to invigorate you because it increases circulation in your body, so it’s great for morning time!

My Dry Brush Recommendation

I really like to buy my dry brushes as a set, because it works out cheaper and gives me options in firmness and size. I choose natural bristled brushes, with length and firm variants. This is one set I recommend as it includes a long handled brush, two different firmness options, and a face brush. You can purchase it at a beauty store, or as I often do, on Amazon, because it has easy returns on defective items, and it saves me the time of searching around stores for the correct product (you know how precious mommy time is).

So if you haven’t tried dry brushing, I highly recommend it! And if you have, I’d love to hear why you love it :-).

My Two Favorite Dry Brushing Sets